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Do you need to register your brand in Latin America to start operating your business and you don't know how?

We help you register your trademark so you can operate outside your country.

Our main service

We register your brand internationally so you can sell more. 

Company history

Hernán Castro began his activities in 1986, after working in his father’s studio for 10 years.

He founded Latin America Solutions as a place that would provide a definitive solution to companies that need an international plan for the protection of Intellectual Property. This implies unifying the services of trademarks, invention patents and other related concerns at the regional level throughout Latin America.

ESAN Graduate School of Business, especialización en Administración de Empresas.

Hernán Castro,

Director Founder, Latin America Solutions

Our Services

At Latin America Solutions we provide a specialized service in advising on trademark registration procedures.


Nowadays, it is almost impossible to find a company that operates outside the internet or that is not marketing through social networks …


There is legislation both nationally and internationally that regulates the duration of a trademark, …

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Companies currently have an online and offline presence to carry out commercial and financial operations …

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