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Domain Name Registration

Companies currently have a presence inside and outside the internet to carry out commercial and financial operations. In cases of Intellectual Property, the first option and the most obvious at first sight aims to register the Brand, however, some forget other equally important aspects such as digital assets, which are also vulnerable to theft or falsification and need to be protected. But, do you know what those assets are and how to protect them?

Some of the ones mentioned in the following list could be part of your most precious digital assets and, therefore, be at risk of falling into the hands of unfair or counterfeiters:

• Business photographs

• Websites or blogs of the company

• Apps

• List of Customers or Contact List

• Subscriptions

• Digital Intellectual Property

• Products sold in an electronic store

It’s time to protect your digital assets from being stolen by cyber hackers, just like you would with the name of your web domain. In (NAME OF THE COMPANY), we take care of providing assistance in the Registry of Domain Names and, also provide support in the resolution of disputes that may arise under the Uniform Policy of Resolution of Conflicts in the matter of Domain Names (UDRP Policy), of the Internet Names and Numbers Assignment Corporation (ICANN) between trademarks and domain names, and against cyberpiracy.

The time to protect your trademark from abusive registrations that act in bad faith against your Intellectual Property rights is now. Request an online interview with one of our advisors who will gladly assist you.